Laboratoire d'Excellence
Integrative biology: Nuclear dynamics, Regenerative and Translational medicine


The LabEx INRT sets forth an integrated strategy to explore the mechanisms of the regulation of gene expression in development, physiology and disease. Its 3 priority areas are nuclear dynamics & epigenetics / regenerative and translational medicine / quantitative and systems biology.

Nuclear dynamics & epigenetics priority area


Our objective is to gain a spatial and functional understanding of the machinery involved in transcription, translation and chromatin remodeling in development, physiology and disease.

Quantitative and systems biology priority area


Our objective is to obtain an integrated understanding of biological/biophysical processes in their dynamic aspects and relation to disease and to push technology developments in fields such as imaging and bioinformatics.

Regenerative and translational medicine priority area


Our objective is to build a strong expertise in the stem cell field and in the field of neurological and muscular disorders. The aim is to develop research which can be subsequently translated to therapeutic approaches.

Calls: archive


You can acces here the past calls for Chairs of Excellence positions which are open to international candidates and offer competitive packages, including substantial institutional funding and access to state-of-the-art technologies.